How to Avoid the Struggle and Create Real Income and Impact with Ease!

Learn the 3 Secrets to Leveraging Your Skills Online Even If You Are Brand New!

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Webinar Host Dr Shaunna Menard

Dr Shaunna has been a medical doctor for over 25 years and is a Board Certified Radiologist. She is an international speaker, trainerholistic health coach, former Chair of Public Health and former Assistant Professor of Medicine. Her mission is to help people live their longest, healthiest, happiest lives. With the growing health crisis and witnessing the struggle of other health professionals, her mission has expanded and she founded The Health Professional Academy to inspire and empower health coaches and other health professionals to grow their business and heal the world!



In this FREE MASTERCLASS, you will learn:  


✔️The #1 Reason Most Coaches are Struggling Right Now

✔️Why the Old Outdated Model Is No Longer Effective

✔️An Emerging Multi-Billion Dollar Trend that you are perfect for

✔️A More Efficient and Effective Way to Impact More People

✔️The Best Way to Attract Your Ideal Client

✔️The 3 Secrets to Leveraging You and Your Skills

✔️How to Create an Incredible Income Without Sacrificing Your Health, Family or Freedom

✔️Best Way to Increase Your Credibility and Brand

✔️How to Fulfill Your Calling and Stay in Alignment with Who You Really Are

✔️The Revolutionary Simple Core 4 System

✔️And more ... 


Are you fed up with:

♦︎Struggling to get clients
♦︎Struggling to create a significant income
♦︎Struggling to have time for yourself and your loved ones.
♦︎Struggling with marketing
♦︎Struggling with technology
♦︎Struggling with your own stress and health as you try to figure this out
♦︎Struggling to truly make a difference
♦︎Struggling to fulfill the calling you know you were meant to follow



Learn the 3 Secrets to

Leverage Your Skills Online and Finally

Create Real Income, Impact and Freedom!


Dr Shaunna's Core 4 System 

Together we can heal the world.

The information in this masterclass has the power to truly change your life!

See you soon! Be Good For YOU!