How to Six Figures with Your Soul-Satisfying Signature Program!

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Webinar Host Dr Shaunna Menard

Dr Shaunna has been a medical doctor for over 25 years and is a Board Certified Radiologist. She is an author, international speaker, trainerholistic health coach, former Chair of Public Health and former Assistant Professor of Medicine. Her mission is to help people live their longest, healthiest, happiest lives. With the growing health crisis and witnessing the struggle of other health professionals, her mission has expanded and she founded The Health Professional Academy to inspire and empower health coaches and other health professionals to grow their business and heal the world!



In this FREE MASTERCLASS, you will learn:  


✔️Why six figures is minimum wage for a holistic entrepreneur

✔️The blueprint to make at least six figures with your signature program

✔️The key factors to consider to have a successful, sustainable, soul-satisfying practice